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Situated 3 km (2 miles) east of the Java is the island of Bali, Indonesia's most well-known and visited destination. The island is 153 km (95 miles) long and 112 km (69 miles) wide, featuring a mountain range inland and surrounded by coral reefs. Bali is a visitor-friendly destination, not only in terms of facilities and conveniences but its people are generally friendly and welcoming to visitors. More at Guide to Bali.

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Kuta 街景

By duncan su

Though Denpasar is the capital and largest city in Bali, Kuta is the main destination for many tourists. Kuta has long been on the backpacking trail with its cheap accommodation but has also gone upmarket.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach - BALI

By Best Photo

Kuta Beach is a long sandy stretch and one of the most popular spots on the island for surfing. However, Bali's long coastline offers plenty of beach opportunities especially along the southern coast.

Hindu Religion


By rollanb

The people are predominantly (Balinese) Hindus and culture strongly influenced by their religion. It's hard to miss the temples and witness the Balinese perform their rituals and ceremonies when in Bali.

Rice Fields

Rice Field

By kudumomo

While tourism is the main income, agriculture is the still the largest employer in Bali. Move inland and you will see large patches of rice fields and other crops cultivated on a smaller scale such as coffee.

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