Bugis, Singapore


There is little else to do in Bugis besides shopping and eating. Nevertheless, Bugis should still be on your list when in Singapore, even if you have no plans to shop or eat here. Strolling through Bugis, you'll experience its lively atmosphere and down to earth character that is uniquely Singaporean. Though promoted as a tourist attraction, it is also a popular spot with the locals. The district is worth a visit especially the areas around Bugis Street and Bugis Junction.
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Passing through Bugis, you can't help noticing the countless numbers of shops and street stalls selling all sorts of goods. The area has a flea market atmosphere and often crowded, especially in the afternoons and evenings. Here you can find cheap souvenirs, t-shirts, watches, herbal medicine, ornamental plants and even sex toys just to name a few. A paradise for bargain hunters and a colourful sight for those just wanting to stroll. 

Bugis Street, Singapore

Street market in Bugis Street

Once in Bugis, you can get around the area on foot - it is not a large area. However, you can find plenty of parked pedicabs waiting to be hired. More of a tourist attraction rather than a means of transport. You won't find local Singaporeans riding on the pedicabs to get their way around. These pedicabs don't go far and the rides are short distances, often passing through to nearby Kampung Glam and back in less than 30 minutes.

Pedicabs in Bugis Street, Singapore

Pedicabs for hire

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