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Singapore offers a wide variety of full-service restaurants, catering to every taste and budget.
As the majority of Singapore's population is ethnic Chinese, there is an abundance of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, mainly serving southern Chinese (Hokkien, Teochew or Cantonese) cuisines. With the large number of expatriates and foreign workers from China in Singapore these days, cuisine originating from Shanghai and further north is also not hard to find. As with Chinese restaurants anywhere, food is eaten with chopsticks.

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While Chinese restaurant food is certainly closer to authentic Chinese fare than hawker food, restaurants in Singapore too have not escaped local influences and you can find many dishes little seen in China. Depending on where you go and what you order, prices can vary greatly. In ordinary restaurants, prices usually start from SGD20-30 per person, while at the top-end restaurants in five-star hotels, prices can go as high as more than SGD300 per person if you order delicacies such as abalone and lobster.

Chicken Rice Shop in Singapore by Terence Ong

Being an island nation, one common specialty are the seafood restaurants, offering Singaporean classics like chilli crabs. These are much more fun to go to in a group but be careful what you order! Gourmet items like Sri Lankan giant crab or shark's fin can easily push your bill up to hundreds of dollars. Menus mentioning "market price" means they'll quote you the price per 100 grams, but a big crab can easily top 2 kilos. The best-known seafood spots are clustered on the East Coast but for ambience, the riverside restaurants at Boat Quay and Clarke Quay are the best.

Singapore also has its fair share of good Western restaurants, with British and American influenced food being a clear favourite among Singaporeans. Most of the more affordable chains are concentrated around Orchard Road and prices start from around SGD10-20 per person for the main course. French, Italian, Japanese and Korean foods are also readily available, though prices tend to be on the expensive side, while Thai and Indonesian restaurants tend to be more affordable on the wallet.

Restaurant by the Riverside, Singapore

Open air restaurant by the Riverside

Singaporeans are big on all you can eat buffets, especially international buffets and most hotels on the island offer lunch and dinner buffets. Outside the hotels, popular buffet restaurants including Sakura (Japanese, Western and Asian dishes), Pariss (Japanese and Western), Vienna (international seafood and Japanese) and Todai (Korean, Japanese and Chinese). Cost for a meal per person at a buffet restaurant ranges from SGD30 to SGD50, inclusive of non-alcoholic drinks. Consider a buffet restaurant if you are a big eater and want plenty of variety in your meal.

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