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Taxis in Singapore use meters and are reasonably priced, while drivers are usually honest and polite. However, a shortage of taxis in Singapore means that they are often unavailable for hours at a time. Outside weekday peak hours, trips within the city centre should not cost you more than SGD10 and even a trip right across the island from Changi to Jurong will not break the SGD35 mark. Despite the costs involved, taxis may sometimes take you to distant locations outside the Central Business District (CBD) faster than public transport.
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Taxi in Singapore

Green SMRT taxi

Getting a Taxi
Be aware, however, that taxis are often remarkably difficult to secure, especially during peak commute or shopping hours, or when there is inclement weather. During these times it can be impossible to get through to a booking agent via telephone and you can expect extended waits in taxi queues.
Some taxi companies offer booking via SMS (text messages), online bookings and mobile phone apps.

In the Central Business District, taxis may pick up passengers only at taxi stands (found outside any shopping mall) or buildings with their own driveways (including virtually all hotels). Outside the centre, you're free to hail taxis on the street or call one to your doorstep. At night spots featuring long queues, such as Clarke Quay, you may on occasion be approached by touts offering a quick flat fare to your destination. This is illegal and very expensive but reasonably safe for you.

Some Singaporean taxi drivers have very poor geographical knowledge and may expect you to know where they should go, so it may be helpful to bring a map of your destination area or directions on finding where you wish to go. It may also be helpful to write down the address of your destination. Some cabbies may also ask you which route you want to take and most are satisfied with "whichever way is faster".
Taxi in Singapore

White SMRT taxi

Taxi Fares
Taxi pricing is largely identical across all companies at SGD3.00-3.20 as a flag down rate (depending on the type of vehicle used), which lasts you 1 km before increments of SGD0.22 per 400 metres (for the first 10 km) and SGD0.22 per 350 metres (after the first 10 km). The sole exception is SMRT's giant black Chryslers, which charge SGD5.00 and then SGD0.30 per 385 metres.  If you are in a group of 3 or 4, it's sometimes cheaper and faster to take a taxi than the MRT trains.

Watch out for surprises i.e. surcharges such as peak hour (25%), late night (50%), central business district (SGD3.00), trips from the airport or Integrated Resorts (SGD3-5 during peak hours), phone booking (SGD3.00 and up) and Electronic Road Pricing surcharges, which may add a substantial amount to your taxi fare. All such charges are shown on the bottom right-hard corner of the meter, recorded in the printed receipt and explained in tedious detail in a sticker on the window.

While all taxis are equipped to handle (and are required to accept) credit cards, in practice many cabbies do not accept electronic payment. Always ask before getting in if you intend to pay by credit card. Paying by credit card will incur an additional surcharge of 17%. During rush hour in the city centre or late at night on weekends, it's wise to call for a taxi from the unified booking system at 65 6342 5222 (6-DIAL-CAB).

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