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Singaporeans are punctual, so show up on time and most meetings get straight down to business. For men, the standard business attire is a long-sleeved shirt and a tie, although the tie is often omitted, the shirt's collar button opened instead. Jackets are rarely worn because it is too hot most of the time. Women usually wear Western business attire but a few prefer Malay-style kebaya and sarong. Business gifts are generally frowned on as they smell of bribery.

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Central Business District, Singapore

Singapore's Central Business District

The standard business greeting in Singapore is a firm handshake accompanied with a smile. Singaporeans generally do not hug, especially if it is someone they have just met. Doing so would probably make your host feel awkward and just freeze momentarily, though he or she would probably be too polite to say anything as saving face is a major Asian value.

Conservative Muslims (predominately Malays) avoid touching the opposite sex. So a man meeting a Muslim woman should let her offer her hand first and vice versa. If they opt to place their hand on the heart and bow slightly instead, just follow suit. Others will smile and nod when meeting the opposite sex, again just follow suit.

Office attire, Singapore

Office attire

Business cards are always exchanged when people meet for business for the first time. Hold yours with both hands with the text facing the recipient, while simultaneously receiving theirs. Study the cards you receive and feel free to ask questions and when you are finished, place them on the table in front of you ( not in a shirt pocket or wallet) and do not write on them or otherwise show disrespect.

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