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Tap water is safe for drinking and sanitation standards are very high in Singapore. As a tropical country, Singapore is hot and humid so drink lots of water. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Singapore was way back in 1934, when it hit a low of 19.4°C (66.9°F). You can purchase bottled water from the numerous convenience stores located across the island and is inexpensive.

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Public Toilets
Nearly all shopping centres, hotels, MRT stations, bus interchanges and hawker centres are likely to have public toilets. Public facilities may charge 10 to 20 cents per entry and a packet of tissue may come in handy if the toilet paper has run out. Most toilets have sitting bowls but there is usually one squatting cubicle in every public toilet.

Malaria is not an issue but dengue fever brought about by mosquitoes is endemic to the region. Singapore maintains strict mosquito control (leaving standing water around will get you fined) but the government's reach does not extend into the island's nature reserves. If you're planning on hiking, bring along mosquito repellent, which you can purchase from the local pharmacies.

Medical Care
The standard of medical care in Singapore is uniformly excellent and Singapore is a popular destination for medical tourism (and medical evacuations) in the region. Despite the lower prices, standards are often as good as those in the West at both public and private clinics, making this a good place to get your jabs and tabs if heading off into the jungle elsewhere. You'll still want to make sure your insurance is in order before a prolonged hospitalization and/or major surgery.

For minor ailments, head down to the nearest suburban shopping mall or HDB shopping district and look for a general practitioner (GP). They usually receive patients without appointment and can prescribe drugs on the spot and the total cost of a consultation, medicine included, rarely exceeds SGD50. For larger problems, head to a hospital.
  • Mount Elizabeth Hospital - Singapore's largest private hospital and a popular destination for medical tourists. Consultations with specialists start from SGD100.
  • Singapore General Hospital - Singapore's oldest and largest public hospital. The Outram Polyclinic offers doctor's consultations and can refer patients to specialists at the hospital.
  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital - One of Singapore's largest public hospitals and fully equipped to handle almost anything.
Alternatively, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are widespread in Singapore. Eu Yan Sang runs a chain of over 20 clinics, while the Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association offers a directory of TCM physicians.

Singapore General Hospital by Sengkang

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