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Southern Ridges Walk

At the end of the heritage trail is Kent Ridge Park proper. After an uphill climb and near the center is Reflections at Bukit Chandu, a small but well-done war museum in an old colonial bungalow. The museum commemorates the Malay Regiment who fought here at the Battle of Pasir Panjang, the last major battle before Singapore's surrender in WWII. Several old pillboxes and pieces of military equipment dot the area.

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Kent Ridge Park by Aldwin Teoh

From here starts the Canopy Trail, a 280-meter long elevated walkway through the upper layers of the jungle (tree tops). There are several signage along the trail pointing out the various plants of interest. The trail also gives you a close view of the canopy and may be able to spot several species of birds and if you are lucky, may even spot a few lemurs or macaque monkeys making their home on the tree tops. After the Canopy Trail, follow a lengthy section down the hill, mostly down concrete steps.

Next is HortPark, an unfortunate acronym for "horticultural park". It is a "one-stop gardening hub" with a resort-like main building including an open-air deck with great views and a smattering of tiny garden plots with overblown names along the lines of "The Next Dimension in Greenery". There is also a series of glass houses that initially don't look too interesting but closer examination show anything but traditional glass houses, each with particular climates for particular plants, and some of these are spectacular. It is a testing ground for an intended huge indoor climate-controlled botanic garden.

HortPark by edwin.11

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