Singapore is an island nation and city-state located off the southern tip of Peninsula Malaysia. The city-state is the most economically vibrant and modern in Southeast Asia yet its Asian culture remains intact. Singapore has a wholesome appeal and well-known for its shopping, top-notch hotels, architectural sights, vibrant nightlife and great food. Beyond the urban confinements there are still tracts of forests and opportunities for outdoor activities.

Singapore travel guide
Guide and information to Singapore's popular travel destinations including getting in and around, attractions, things to do and eating out.

Country Guide
A small yet prosperous island nation and a fine example of a well-planned modern city.
>> Singapore country guide

An ethnic neighborhood and the traditional heart of Singapore's Chinese community.
>> Chinatown guide

Little India
The heart of the Indian community in Singapore and with a distinct Tamil character.
>> Little India guide

Orchard Road
A premier district with its upmarket shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and centre for nightlife.
>> Orchard Road guide

Sentosa Island
A small island resort off the mainland with its beaches, golf courses, theme park and hotels.
>> Sentosa Island guide

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Singapore travel articles
Travel articles on Singapore including destinations, tourism, guide and activities by various authors.

Reasons to Visit Singapore
by Khal Rasdam

Singapore Travel Tips
by Alec Chan

What to do in Singapore
by S Vandelogt

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Singapore in Brief

710 sq km
275 sq miles

Comprises of 63 islands with Singapore Island being the largest and most populated island.

Population (2011)
5.2 million

No capital since it is a city-state.

Republic with the President as the Chief of State and Prime Minister as Head of Government.

Unicameral parliament with representatives elected by popular vote.

Ethnic Groups
Chinese: 77%
Malays: 14%
Indians: 8%
Others: 1%

English (widely used), Chinese (Mandarin and other Chinese dialects), Malay and Tamil.

Buddhist/Taoist: 51%
Islam: 15%
Christians: 15%
Hindus: 4%
Others: <1%
None: 15%

GDP (2011 in PPP)
Total: $319 billion
Per capita: $60,500
Growth: 4.9%

Major Industries
Electronics, chemical, petroleum refining, biomedical, financial services, entrepot trade, ship repair, retail and tourism.

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