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Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang Beach is the main beach in Ao Nang and a short beach, stretching just about 1 km along the Phra Nang Bay. No matter what the tourist brochures and websites say, it is at most an average beach compared to the better beaches nearby. However, it is the most accessible beach because of it nearby location to many hotels and a short distance from the town centre.

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Ao Nang Beach is a pleasant enough beach if you have no plans for the day to travel further to the better beaches. However, a small area of the beach (near the junction of the two main roads) is spoiled with the landing and departure of long-tail boats, combined with the deafening noise of the boat engines - the noise gets worse during the high tourist season. You may want to stay away from this area of the beach unless you plan to a take a ride on the boats to visit Rai Leh or the nearby islands. 

Long-tail boats on Ao Nang Beach by kallerna

A mix of palm trees and pine trees line the length of the sandy Ao Nang Beach. The beach has ample space for everyone and during low-tide, it can go out as much as 300 metres. The central part of the beach is overdeveloped and commercialised with the maelstrom of bars, cafes, restaurants and various shops located within a short walk. Go eastward and the beach gets quieter and quieter, especially during the low season. Walk further east and you will reach the headland featuring a large limestone mountain range. Don't miss the scenic view of Phra Nang Bay and the Andaman Sea from here during sunset.

Ao Nang Beach and the limestone mountains by kallerna

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