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Other Beaches

Nopparat Thara Beach
Nopparat Thara Beach is a short distance from Ao Nang Beach and around the corner of the town of Ao Nang. The beach is actually a continuation of Ao Nang Beach but much more attractive, less developed and quieter. There are a few resorts and hotels on the side cl
oser to town but are thinly spread. The side furthest away is even quieter with a few guesthouses (many close during the low season) and accessible through a trail or a short boat ride.

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Nopparat Thara Beach by kallerna

Nopparat Thara Beach is much more scenic than Ao Nang Beach and longer, stretching for about 2 km. The beach here is shallow and gradually gets shallower as you move further away from town. Even during high-tide, the shallower end is only good for paddling or wading than for swimming. However ask the locals if it is "jellyfish season" before taking a swim, especially if you are the only one getting ready to take a dip. During low-tide you can see millions of tiny crabs crawling on the sand and a good opportunity to walk to the nearby craggy limestone islands.

Rai Leh Beach
Rai Leh Beach is a nice beach near Ao Nang, which can only be reached via longtail boats (about 15 minutes and cost 50-80 baht per person). It is actually part of the mainland but cut-off by the limestone mountain range. The beach is cleaner than either Ao Nang Beach or Nopparat Thara Beach and there are a few caves worth exploring as well as opportunities for rock climbing. You can find several hotels and resorts along the beach. During the low season, it can be a long wait to get here - you have to wait for the boat to be filled to collect enough fare and may have to wait for as long as 2 hours.

Rai Leh Beach by Deror Avi

Phra Nang Beach
Phra Nang Beach is a lovely beach on the Rai Leh Peninsula and reachable by a 20-minute ride on a long-tail boat from Ao Nang. The beach is named after Phra Nang (an Indian princess goddess) and there is a cave dedicated to her. The beach is quiet and relaxing with a scenic backdrop of the limestone cliffs. The water is emerald clear and the waves calm, the perfect spot for a swim. There is only one resort here i.e. Rayavadee Resort and no new ones are expected to be built. There are also no restaurants except at Rayavadee Resort. However, lookout for the longtail boats with the white or yellow signboards selling drinks, snacks and light meals.

Tubkaek Beach
About 30 minutes drive northwest from Ao Nang is Tubkaek Beach, which was one of the locations for the comedy movie Hangover II (beach wedding scene). This is a scenic beach dotted by pine trees on the edges and small islands that seem to be jutting out from the Andaman Sea. The beach here is sandy and the water shallow, especially during low-tide. There are a few mid to upscale hotels and resorts occupying
Tubkaek Beach but are not too close together. Thus, the beach is not crowded and a matter of fact has a tranquil feeling, especially during sunset.

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