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Ao Nang is far behind when it comes to shopping compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai or even Phuket. Shopping is laid back and there are no shopping malls or supermarkets here and the nearest are in Krabi Town, located about 20 km away. However, you will find there are plenty of shops in Ao Nang for your basic necessities, have a comfortable stay and bring a souvenir back home.

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Beachfront shops in Ao Nang by Johnycanal

The vast majority of the shops are lined along the beachfront road and some along the side roads (sois). Like most shops in Thailand, bargaining is the norm and part of the shopping experience. You have to figure out the real value or price you're willing to pay for the merchandise and then bargain downwards. Prices drop drastically if you know how much the item is actually worth. Exceptions are the fixed-price shops such as convenience stores, sundry shops and pharmacies.

More shops in Ao Nang by pandemia

There are plenty of convenience stores in Ao Nang and shops selling t-shirts, sandals, beachwear and shoes. Then there are shops selling the regular tourist fare such as postcards, refrigerator magnets, mugs, key chains and trinkets. There are also shops selling fake goods (from well-known brands) such as watches, sunglasses, clothes, bags and accessories. Caution with bringing back home fake goods, as customs crackdown on pirated merchandises in your country.

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