Ao Nang, Thailand

Rai Leh (Railay) Peninsula



Rai Leh has a variety of restaurants to choose from, although none are remarkable (for Thailand at least) in terms of character or quality. There are a few exceptions (of course) but you should not have any high expectations here. Another point about eating out in Rail Leh is that it cost much more than in Ao Nang because of the cost to transport food by boat to the peninsula. 

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However, the best thing about eating out in Rai Leh is there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sea view while you eat. In general, the local food served here represents the style and taste of Southern Thailand i.e. spicier, hotter and more pungent than foods served in Central Thailand such as Bangkok and Pattaya. With tourists who come to the island are mainly from the Western countries, there are no shortages of Western-style foods from a quick meal of sandwiches to a hearty steak.

You can find restaurants in Rai Leh West at each the three hotels (i.e. Sand Sea Resort, Diamond Cave Resort and Railay Resort & Spa) on the beach. All offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner along the beach with a lovely view of the surroundings. Rai Leh East has more restaurants and the variety is much greater, though none offer the scenery of the west beach (restaurants near Diamond Cave may be an exception where they offer an impressive view of the bay from their position higher up the hill).

Restaurant view at Diamond Cave by Waypoint-zero

The 5-star Rayavadee Resort is the only hotel in Phra Nang and has four upscale (not to mention overpriced) restaurants. Luckily for cheap eats, long-tail boats bringing prepared meals and cold drinks arrive at Phra Nang Beach daily. Western foods usually include a range of sandwiches and baguettes and local dishes include fried noodles, fried rice, curry on rice, fried chicken, spring rolls and barbequed corn. Beyond the canned soda drinks, you should try the freshly prepared local shakes including mango, watermelon, banana, coconut and pineapple shakes.

Food from the boat at Phra Nang Beach by Deror Avi
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