Ao Nang, Thailand

Rai Leh (Railay) Peninsula


Rock Climbing

Rai Leh is perhaps one of the best rock climbing areas in the world, with over seven hundred bolted routes up limestone cliffs with breathtaking views over the sea. If you are an avid rock climber, chances are you already know about this place and the spectacular cliffs are the reason you are here. You can buy guide books about rock climbing in various languages at the local shops, providing excellent directions and route finding.

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Limestone cliffs of Rai Leh by Deror Avi

Climbing is mostly steep and challenging with only limited possibilities for beginners. Due to the corrosive nature of the cliffs' seaside location, the steel bolts may be of questionable integrity and bolt failure is not uncommon here. The threads (ropes tied through the holes in the rock) may be of questionable integrity as well. Overall the rock quality is superb but like everywhere else, you will find the occasional loose section including the famed Rai Leh stalactites.

 Rock climbing in Rai Leh by kallerna

Rai Leh and around is all about sport climbing. Beyond a 60 metre (200 foot) rope, sixteen quickdraws (extenders), your harness, shoes and a lot of chalk, you won't need much else. Anything you forget or don't have can be rented at the climbing shops. Ao Nang, Rai Leh and nearby Tonsai have several guide operators with services ranging from introductory rock climbing courses to rent-a-belay partner. Guides include:

  • Ao Nang Climbers, Ao Nang - Also offers climbing courses from beginner to experienced level.
  • King Climbers, Rai Leh Eat - Located at Railay Princess Resort & Spa.
  • Sea Cliffs, Rai Leh East - Just a few meters down the path that leads to Rai Leh West.
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