Ao Nang, Thailand

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Scuba Diving & Snorkelling
Most of the dive centres in Ao Nang offer similar prices for dive courses and trips but shop around for good seasonal bargains. You can dive throughout the year but the best condition for diving is from November to April. Some of the more popular dive sites can get crowded during the peak of the high season (late December to early January). From May to October, the monsoon winds bring rain and waters sometimes become choppy but trips are seldom cancelled because of the weather.

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Island off Ao Nang by e.t.

Frequented sites include the islands in Ao Nang Bay such as Koh Poda, Koh Si, Koh Yawabon and Koh Dor. Other popular sites include Phi Phi Marine National Park, King Cruiser Wreck and Shark Point Marine Sanctuary. The seas off Ao Nang is rich in marine life and creatures commonly seen include barracudas, leopard sharks, reef sharks, snappers and groupers. Other marine creatures include squids, seahorses and crustaceans such as shrimps, crabs and lobsters. The area is also rich with various species of corals including sea whips, sponges, leather corals and sea fans.

Fossil Shell Beach
Fossil Shell Beach (Su-san Hoi) is located some 7 km west of Ao Nang. With an entrance fee of of 200 baht (20 baht for Thais), it is an overrated site and only for those with a keen interest in fossils and shells. It is a small area featuring slates of compressed 40 million year old fossilised shellfish - from a distance the slates looks more like layers of concrete slabs stacked on top of one another. There is a small museum and a slew of souvenir shops selling mainly items made from shells.

Fossil Shell Beach by jpatokal

Rock Climbing
The limestone mountains and cliffs in Ao Nang offer excellent opportunities for rock climbing with thousands of climbers coming here every year. Main rock climbing
destinations include Rai Leh and Tonsai as well as the islands in Phra Nang Bay - all reachable by longtail boats within less than 10 minutes. Climbing include single and multi-pitch climbs, all starting from the beach. Ao Nang Climbers arranges climbing trips (including transfers and lunch) for beginners to the experienced climbers as well as provide climbing courses.

Spas & Massage
Thailand is famous for its spas and massages and Ao Nang is no exception. It is the best way to get yourself rejuvenated especially after a day of scuba diving, rock climbing or a lazy day at the beach.
There are numerous places to pamper yourself, ranging from the simple beach huts along Ao Nang Beach to the luxury hotels - usually lasting an hour. Options include traditional Thai massage, oil massage and reflexology (foot massage) by specially trained and skilled hands.

Ao Nang does not have its own golf course and the nearest is Pakasai Country Club, located about 40 minutes drive west of town. The 18-hole course is sited on a secluded hillside surrounded by lush greenery and scenic lake views. It is known for its tricky fairways as well as undulating greens, providing golfers with different levels of challenges. Fees are reasonable and packaged rates (including transfer between Ao Nang but excludes hotel stay) range from 2,900 to 3,900 baht.

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