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Ao Nang is located about 20 km west of Krabi Town (the capital of Krabi Province) and 950 km south of Bangkok. It is a small town with a population of just around 8,000 but becoming a popular beach destination frequented mainly by tourists from Continental Europe. Tourism in Ao Nang caters mainly to the packaged holidays and family vacations.

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It's hard to get lost in this small town - Ao Nang comprises of a main street and everything is located along (or least near) the beach and Airport Road. The area is occupied by hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, shops, travel agencies and other businesses targeted at tourists. Internet service are widely available as well as banks and ATMs. Though there are plenty or shops, there are no shopping malls or supermarkets here. You also will not find any high-rises here like those in Pattaya or Phuket. Ao Nang also makes a convenient base for scuba diving and getting to some of the off-shore islands including Poda Island and Phi Phi Islands as well as Rai Leh Bay.

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Being a tourist town, there is nothing particularly Thai about Ao Nang with Western tourists practically outnumbering the locals. It is not the destination to experience Thai culture and the closest you'll ever get to experience culture here are the local foods. Though there is a lively nightlife and no shortages of bars here, Ao Nang is no where near being a party town like Patong or Walking Street in Pattaya. Nevertheless, expect Ao Nang to be crowded with European vacationers during the high season but relaxed and quieter during the low season.

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Long-tail boats arrive on the beach near the junction of the main two roads. These boats account for the high level of noise-pollution caused by the endless chain of boat motors and during high season the noise is substantial. As long as tourists keep increasing, the problem will continue to worsen and detract from the beauty of this beach. Another problem caused by the rising number of tourists during high season is the unrecycled sewage carried directly into the sea. This is responsible for the occasional bad smell.

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