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Ethnic Cuisine

Thai cooking is characterised by lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic flavours. The spiciness of Thai food is well known and each dish is a balance of three to four fundamental taste i.e. sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Thai cuisines are often served with varieties of sauces and condiments. A typical Thai meal with friends or family consist of rice served with several separate dishes that are shared by all. If eating alone, a Thai meal is usually an "all-in-one" single plate dish.

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Thai food at a market by Deror Avi

Thai dishes can roughly be categorised into central, northern, northeastern and southern cuisine. What's so great about Bangkok is that all these cuisines are present. Regional Thai cuisine and culinary traditions have mutually been influenced with its neighbours over the centuries. Thus there are influences from Yunan (China) and Laos in the north, Burma in the northwest, Vietnam and Cambodia in the east and Malaysia in the south. However, nam pla (an aromatic and strong tasting fish sauce) is a common ingredient found in many Thai dishes from across the regions.

Isaan food originates from the northeast of Thailand and is a backpacker favourite. Isaan food is very spicy, therefore say "mai pet" or "pet nit noy" to tone it down. If you truly want to dine the Isaan way, order khao niew (sticky rice) and kai yang (grilled chicken). Another Isaan favourite is som tam, a salad made from shredded and pounded raw papaya and off course spicy but delicious. Southern Thai cuisine is also worth it, many have congregated around Wang Lang in Thonburi - try the massaman curry, it's delicious.

Food court in Bangkok by phtgrphy

The place to go to for Chinese food is Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown. It has the best selection of Chinese restaurants and expensive delicacies here are more affordable than anywhere else in Bangkok. There are also the street stalls and markets offering inexpensive meals. Soi Phadung Dao is the best street for huge seafood restaurants in Yaowarat. Phahurat (Bangkok's Little India) has a decent selection of Indian restaurants serving curry, masala and tandoori dishes.

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