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Street Food

While not particularly high class, street food is among the most delicious in Bangkok and can be found all over the city. Wherever you're staying in Bangkok, you are rarely more than from a 100 metres walk from a street cart or street restaurant. Bangkok's street food vendors offer a wide range of Thai dishes and you can get a satisfying meal for around 50 baht. Street foods are not only popular with budget travellers but also tourists with money in the pocket.

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One of Thailand's national dishes is pad thai, stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice and red chilli pepper. It can be prepared for you at one of the street carts or restaurants for about 50 baht. You can order it with chicken (gai) or shrimps (kung). Another of Thailand's national dishes you should try is tom yam kung, a sour soup with prawns, lemongrass and galangal - beware, as it is hot and very spicy! Khao man kai is another popular street food, served with a bowl of fragrant chicken soup and a mound of rice topped with sliced chicken pieces and cucumber. Side sauces are spicy and go well with the bland chicken and rice. If you like sweets, find a kanom roti street vendor. The crepe-like dessert is filled with sweetened condensed milk, lots of sugar and can have bananas inside. 

Street food in Silom by eric molina

Khao San Road is known for carts selling cooked bugs - yes, insects. They are deep fried, nutritious and quite tasty with the soy sauce that is sprayed on them. Cooked bugs available include scorpions, water beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, bamboo larvae, mealworms and some seasonal specialties. Break off the legs from the grasshoppers and crickets or they will get stuck in your throat. Around the corner from Khao San Rd (in front of the department stores and supermarkets) the street is lined with a myriad of stalls selling tempting delicacies. You can find sweets and crackers, coconut jellies, candied fruits, fish balls on skewers, tamarind sweets dipped in chilli and sugar and a host of various delights.

Insect food stall by Takoradee

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