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Bangkok boasts a stunning 50,000 places to dine, not only thousands of Thai establishments but also a wide selection of world-class international restaurants. Prices at a good restaurant are high by Thai standards but cheap by Western standards. A good meal is unlikely to cost more than 300 baht per person but there are restaurants (primarily in the 4-5 hotels) where you can easily spend 10 times this. There are also the typical Western fast food chains including McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut.

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Sukhumvit by far offers some of the best restaurants in Bangkok, though prices tend to be high. Practically every cuisine in the world is represented here, be it French, Lebanese, Mexican, Vietnamese or fusion combining many of these together in a quirky but delicious mix. Bangkok's Italian town is Soi Ton Son near Siam Square. Of course, for those on a budget, street stalls abound with simple Thai dishes at around 30 baht. There are especially plenty of budget restaurants in Khao San Road.

There are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in the more tourist-friendly parts of Bangkok (especially in Khao San Road). Vegetarian dishes are also readily available on the menus of regular restaurants. On request, even typical street restaurants will easily cook a vegetarian equivalent of a popular Thai dish for you. Ask for "jay" food to leave the meat out of the dish. For example, "khao pad" is fried rice and "khao pad jay" is vegetarian fried rice. For vegans, the most common animal product used would be oyster sauce. To avoid it, say "mai ao naam man hoi". Be aware that all street noodle vendors use animal broth for noodle soup.

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Don't miss out on a cold ice cream after a hot day in Bangkok. Western chain stores include Dairy Queen and Swensen, many have ice cream booths and shops in many malls and shopping centres. Better still, try the ice cream and sorbets at Iberry. Their ice creams are tasty and cheap with varieties of flavours including vanilla, chococlate, rum raisins, tiramisu and local fruit flavours (e.g. durian, pandan, rambutan and jackfruit). Iberry also offers an assortment of cakes and a few western dishes.

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