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By Tuk-Tuk

What would Bangkok be without the tuk-tuks? You can't miss these three-wheel taxis on the streets blazing black clouds of smoke. For anything more than a 5-10 minute jaunt or just for the experience, they are really not worth the fare and if you let them get away with it, the price could be 4 or 5 times more than the actual cost. For Thais, the fare is around 30% less than the equivalent four-wheel taxi fare.

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Tuk-tuks in Bangkok by Heinrich Damm

If you really want to experience a tuk-tuk, hail a moving three-wheeler from the road and at major tourist spots, tuk-tuk drivers lie in waiting. Before boarding a tuk-tuk, be crystal clear to the driver about your destination and agree on the fare. If the driver claims your intended destination is closed for the day and offers to take you to other tourist spots, insist on your destination or get out. Insist continually and forcefully on your destination or take a metered taxi instead.

Riding a tuk-tuk by Terence Ong
A songthaew is a less-heralded, less-colourful and less-touristy version of the tuk-tuk, usually serving Bangkok's residential neighbourhoods. They are four-wheelers instead of three and resemble a small truck. Locals tend to use them to return home from the market with loads of groceries or for quick trips. Negotiate before you get in but don't expect to go beyond the edge of that particular neighbourhood.

Songthaew by Benoit Mortgat

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