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Hualamphong Railway Station
The State Railway of Thailand serves Bangkok with railway lines coming from all four directions of Thailand. Hualamphong Railway Station (located close to Yaowarat) is the most important of the stations in Bangkok. It is a big and surprisingly convenient station (constructed during the reign of King Rama VI) and served with its own MRT station.

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Only listen to people at the information desk - anyone else walking around offering to help you "find" a hotel or taxi is just a tout, even if they are wearing official-looking badges. Likewise, the second floor shops offering "Tourist Information" are just agents in disguise. The taxi pick up and drop off point is to the right as you walk away from the platforms and generally chaotic during busy periods with scant regard for any queue. The left luggage facility is at the opposite end of the concourse, on the far right as you walk away from the platforms.

You can purchase tickets for trains leaving Bangkok on the same or next day at the ticket counters under the big screens. The Advance Booking Office is located to the right of the platforms as you walk towards them and quite well-organised. You can select your seat or berth from a plan of the train and payments by credit card are accepted. You can also book an e-ticket (same price) but the quota reserved through electronic booking is limited and there are only first and second class air-conditioned sleeper tickets available.

Hualamphong Railway Station by 2T

Bang Sue Railway Station
Bang Sue Railway Station serves trains coming from the north and north-east of Thailand. This is not a very good place to board trains for non-Thai speakers, since there is practically no information or signage in English. However, the situation will doubtlessly improve as more and more long-distance trains switch from Hualamphong Station to Bang Sue Station, easing the congestion in the inner city.

Thonburi Railway Station
Thonburi Railway Station (formerly known as Bangkok Noi Station) is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River in Thonburi. It is the terminal for the twice-daily trains from Kanchanaburi (via Nakhon Pathom). To confuse matters, the old Thonburi Railway Station is located next to the river (accessible by the Chao Phraya Express Boat stopping at Railway Station Pier). The old station is now a museum and the new station is only 800 metres away. Note that the weekend-only second class air-conditioned "tourist" trains from Kanchanaburi and Nam Tok arrive at Hualamphong Train Station.

Thonburi Railway Station by Ahoerstemeier

Wongwien Yai Railway Station
Wongwien Yai Railway Station only serves the rustic Mae Klong commuter line travelling to and from the fishing village of Maha Chai. The trains run about every hour and a one-way trip takes around an hour. The ride is of little interest for travelling but is an experience for rail fans and an attraction in itself passing through the scenic countryside including villages, vegetable farms and coconut groves. Wongwien Yai Railway Station is about 800 metres from the Skytrain station of the same name.

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