Bangkok, Thailand



Khao San Road

Simple stores line much of the street of Khao San Road selling dresses, shirts, skirts, accessories, shoes and bags at bargain prices. Many of the items are in vintage style, since that seems to be popular with the Khao San crowd. Where there are tourists, there are the usual souvenir and handicrafts stores. There is also the MBK shopping center offering the same knock off brands you find on Khao San Road but in air conditioning comfort.

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Shopping along Khao San Road by Tnlavie

Always beware of getting ripped off and never buy branded or expensive merchandise in this area as there are many scams and tricks being played. Khao San Road is home to many wholesale silver jewellery stores but don't even think about buying here unless you are familiar with the real value - stores often ask lot more than its real value. Touts for suits approach men walking along Khao San Road but never go with them - getting tailored clothes in Khao San Road is a waste of money as quality is often poor. If you really want a suit, head to the city centre for better alternatives.

Other products for sale include counterfeit clothes, pirated movies and even fake diplomas. The authorities here don't seem to care but you probably will get in trouble once you arrive in your home country. The Banglamphu Market north of Khao San Road is a good place to pick up cheap Thai knock-offs ranging from jeans to Italian sneakers, as well as a few posh Thai silk stores.

Banglamphu Market by Globetrotter

As plenty of budget travellers and backpackers come to Khao San Road, a number of second-hand book stores have congregated in the area. Expect dusty stores with books completely worn out but prices are usually much cheaper than elsewhere. Some of the newer book stores have a fresher appearance and even sell new books. English fiction titles are usually available and if you're into non-fiction, there are often titles on Thai or Southeast Asian history, culture and travel guides. Some book stores have a buy-back scheme, so you can sell the book back to the store for half the price after you have finished your trip.

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