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Ratchadaphisek (often shortened as Ratchada) is the district that follows the northeastern portion of Ratchadaphisek Road. It is located north of Sukhumvit, east of Phahonyothin and west of Ramkhamhaeng. Orientation is quite straightforward - Ratchdaphisek Road is the main road crossing through the district. The road is also the transportation hub of the district as the MRT (metro) trains runs right beneath it. Many of Ratchadaphisek's sois intersect with the main road with odd numbers running on the west side and even numbers in the east.

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Since the completion of the metro line, Ratchadaphisek has developed into an entertainment mecca for the locals with dozens of clubs, theatres, karaoke bars, bowling alleys and even an ice skating rink. Foreign visitors (mainly Japanese and Chinese) are drawn to the area's seafood restaurants and cultural performances. Chinese and Japanese mass tourism has discovered Ratchadaphisek and many hotels fulfill to the needs of this market segment. Western tourists still come to Ratchadaphisek but in fewer  numbers. Besides clubbing and fine dining, don't expect to see anything particularly interesting in this district.

Ratchadaphisek Road by Aimaimyi

While Sukhumvit's clubbing scene is probably the most impressive in Bangkok, it is totally overrun by expats. Ratchada's clubs, bars, cinemas, massage parlours and shopping malls almost exclusively cater to a local Thai clientele (foreigners are welcome though). Saturday nights are busiest with Thai students in their late teens and early 20s flocking in great numbers to "RCA", a pedestrian-only road that stands for Royal City Avenue. Being a government-designated entertainment zone, clubs here stay open till 2:00 a.m., which is one hour longer than elsewhere in Bangkok. 

Nightlife in Ratchada by neajjean

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