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Getting In & Around

By Boat
The easiest way to get into Thonburi is by boat with the Chao Phraya Express Boat going up and down the river for 15 baht. Sometimes cashiers want passengers to buy the boat tickets before boarding but you are allowed to buy tickets on board. If going north from Sathorn Pier in Silom, the first pier on the Thonburi side is Wang Lang. It's the easiest point of entry as all boat lines stop here and the Wang Lang area is one of the more interesting destinations in Thonburi. If you're heading south from Phra Arthit Pier near Khao San Road, Wang Lang is the second pier on the Thonburi side.

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Express boat on the Chao Phraya by Fabio Achilli
There are also numerous ferry boats crossing the Chao Phraya River from the Rattanakosin and Silom sides to Thonburi. Many Bangkok commuters make use of these ferries to quickly cross the river for only 3 baht. If you're visiting Wat Arun from Rattanakosin, head for Tha Tien Pier and take the Wat Arun ferry service to Thonburi. Other notable ferry services are from Tha Chang to Wang Lang and from Tha Phra Chan to Wang Lang.

By Public Transit
Most travellers visit Thonburi as a day-trip from Khao San Road, Sukhumvit or Silom. After nearly ten years of delays, the Skytrain connection to Thonburi finally opened in May 2009. There are only two stations in Thonburi i.e. Wongwian Yai and Krung Thonburi Stations but there is nothing interesting for tourists near these stations. The best way to get into Thonburi is to get off the Skytrain at Saphan Taksin Station (near the end of the Silom Line) and then take the Chao Phraya Express Boat up the river.

Krung Thonburi Station by Hdamm

By Bus
Getting into Thonburi by bus is very complicated for tourists, so only use the city buses as a last resort. However, bus travel is necessary to reach some destinations such as the Taling Chan Floating Market. If heading to this market, take ordinary or air-conditioned Bus No. 79 from Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, which is near Khao San Road. Make sure you take the bus into the right direction (crossing the river) and ask the local passengers when to get off or you might get lost.

Getting Around
Thonburi is a vast district, and getting around it is not easy. The area can hardly be explored on foot, as the interesting sights are spread far apart throughout the district. Furthermore, most of the main roads are heavily congested with traffic and the area lacks foot bridges over numerous canals. This is why most travellers take a canal tour through Thonburi. But this doesn't mean the area cannot be experienced on your own - most roads can be walked on and footbridges do exist but don't say you haven't been warned!

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