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Chiang Mai is second only to Bangkok when it comes to food, offering visitors a wide range of choices. The foods served here are representative of Thailand's northern region with influences from Burmese and Shan cooking. Like Thai cooking in general, cuisine from the northern region extensively uses varieties of spices and herbs especially ginger and turmeric.

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Chiang Mai's signature dish is undoubtedly khao soi, yellow wheat noodles in curry soup served with spring onions, pickled cabbages and chicken, beef or seafood. A popular stir fry dish is Gai Pat Met Mamuang, fried chicken with cashew nuts. Roti is a popular snack food featuring thin pancakes served with bananas and topped with chocolate sauce. A popular dessert is Kaao Niao Ma Muang, sticky (glutinous) rices served with condensed milk and mango slices.

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When in Chiang Mai you should try a khantoke (literally meaning small bowl) dinner. A khantoke dinner comprises of several small side dishes and chilli sauces served with sticky rice. There are several khantoke restaurants in Chiang Mai and many are oriented towards the tourists with a performance of traditional dancing. There are also the garden restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent Thai meal in a beautiful setting.

For those tired of eating rice or noodles, there's also a wide range of Western food ranging from the cheap hamburger stands to elaborate establishments. In fact considering how remote Chiang Mai is from the major centres of population in Asia, it is remarkable how many Western restaurants there are in this city! Western restaurants you can find here include Italian, American, French, German, Mexican, Spanish and British. There are also the invasion of American-style fast food chains including McDonald's, KFC and Pizza Hut.

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