Chiang Mai, Thailand

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There are several bus operators offering frequent services from Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), offering varying choices of price, comfort and speed. Rattling government buses make frequent stops at every minor township in a journey taking around 12 hours and costs about 200 baht. Non-stop 24/32-seaters and 1st class buses provide larger seats and even snacks, providing a more comfortable trip. They manage the trip around 9 hours and cost around 550 baht. Be cautious with the so-called "VIP" buses from Khao San Road, they are cheaper but you may end up crammed into a 2nd class bus or worse.

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Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok by Horiuchi

The main terminal for many inter-city buses ending their journey in Chiang Mai is the Arcade Bus Station, located east of the city. Songthaews (pick-up trucks converted into passenger vehicles) stop near the terminal's exit waiting for passengers - ask the driver if he goes to your destination (don't forget to confirm the price). Shared trip to Tha Phae Gate (edge of the old town) in the city centre should cost around 20-30 baht per passenger but you may have to wait for a driver who agrees.

Tuk-tuks in Chiang Mai by Bjørn Erik Pedersen

Tuk-tuk drivers will ask as much as 80-150 baht to the city center (Tha Phae Gate) and may show you a bogus price list with "fixed" prices. Bargain, it's just 5-6 km, so the fair price is 50-60 baht and not more than 100 baht to the opposite side of the city. It may be difficult to bargain with these drivers - if so, ignore them and walk out to the nearby street and catch a passing tuk-tuk or songthaew. If your luggage is light, you can walk to the city centre - however, it's still a long walk.

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