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Thailand has a large number of indigenous restaurant chains offering much of the same fare as your average street stall. The advantages of the restaurant chains over the street stalls are the air conditioning, printed menus (often in English) and higher level of hygiene. Most of the chains are concentrated in Bangkok with the larger cities and popular tourist spots may have an outlet or more.

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Western Restaurant Chains
You can also find the usual McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver and A&W in Thailand especially in Bangkok. If you do end up at McD's, at least try the un-Maclike fried chicken with McSomTam (green papaya salad). For those craving American-style pizza, try the ubiquitous The Pizza Company, which is a less expensive and (arguably) tastier local chain.

McDonald's in Bangkok by Sry85 

Thai Restaurant Chains
  • MK and Coca specializes in what the Thais call "suki", better known as "hotpot" or "steamboat". A cauldron boils in the middle of the table, you buy the ingredients at 10-30 baht a pop and brew your own soup. The longer you spend boiling the ingredients, the better it tastes.
  • S&P outlets are a bakery, cafĂ© and restaurant all rolled into one. The menu is large but portions small with prices in the 50-100 baht range. 
  • Yum Saap (sign in Thai with the big yellow smiley logo) is known for their Thai-style salads and foods are quite cheap with mains around 50 baht.
  • Kuaytiew Ruea Siam (signs in Thai with a boat-shaped decor and hungry red pig logo) offering dirt-cheap noodles with prices starting at 25 baht.
  • Fuji and Zen specialises in surprisingly passable Japanese food at very cheap prices. Rice and noodles are the mains and dishes cost less than 100 baht and you can stuff yourself full of sushi for less than 500 baht.
Yum Saap in Bangkok by goodiesfirst
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