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Animal Abuse

Elephants are a large part of the Thai tourist business. Smuggling and mistreatment of elephants for tourism is widespread with young elephants often separated from their mothers to be trained under captivity. If you intend to go on an elephant ride, please take their mistreatment into account or better still purchase an elephant painting instead. However, there are a few ethical animal tourism operators in Thailand such as Elephant Nature Park and Maetang Elephant Park in Chiang Mai.

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Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang by Rlevse

A common sight on the congested streets of Bangkok and other major tourist spots is elephant begging. Mahouts riding on the elephants will lumber the elephants to approach tourists to feed the creatures or take a photo with them for a fee. The elephants are brought to the city to beg but are visibly distressed under the conditions of the city. You can avoid the cruelty by rejecting the mahouts as they offer you bananas to feed the elephants.

Elephant parade in Ban Tuk by Tevaprapas Makklay

Drugged animals such as lizards and birds are sometimes used by touts as photo subjects. These touts are often seen plying along Thailand's major tourist beaches. The tout will take a photo with you and the doped up animal and demand payment.

Rare and endangered species are often sold at the markets as exotic pets and animal products sold as luxury items. Avoid buying these exotic animals and products since they are most likely obtain through illegal poaching. Buying them contributes greatly to animal endangerment and abuse.

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