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Food Hygiene
Food hygiene levels in Thailand are reasonably high and generally safe to eat from the street food vendors including those at the markets. It is usually safe to drink water offered by the restaurants but advisable to drink bottled beverages from the street vendors. However, use common sense with street foods e.g. avoid vendors who leave raw meat and cooked food exposed with flies buzzing around.

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Street food in Bangkok by Deror Avi

Tropical Diseases
Being located in the hot and humid tropics, Thailand has its fair share of tropical diseases. Malaria is generally not a problem in any of the major tourist destinations but endemic in the rural areas especially along the borders with Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. As is the case throughout Southeast Asia, dengue fever (also brought about by mosquitoes) can be encountered just about anywhere including the most modern cities. The only prevention is to avoid mosquito bites by wearing long pants and sleeves by dusk and using insect repellants (available from the pharmacy).

Karen village near the forest by Dirk Weber

You can find a pharmacy in every city and large town in Thailand. Items sold include non-prescription drugs (e.g. headache pills, motion sickness pills and anti-septic cream) and healthcare products (e.g. band aids, cream & lotions, insect repellants, food supplements and oral care products). Pharmacies are also often quite happy to sell prescription drugs without a prescription. This is illegal in Thailand and police are known to bust tourists for possessing medicines without a prescription even for innocuous stuff like medication for asthma. 

Pharmacy in Sakhon Nakhon by Mattes

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