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Evening Tour
There are two options for an evening tour of Bangkok, depending on your budget and interest. The first option is a culinary journey of Thai foods and cuisines with alternatives ranging from the budget eats to the the upscale restaurants. The second option and if you have money to splurge, is enjoying a night out at one of the numerous super hip restaurants or clubs in the city.

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Bangkok in the evening by Anindya

Taste of Thai Cuisine
Bangkok is heaven when it comes food and the epicentre for savouring Thai food and cuisine. Choices in the city include street food vendors, food markets, riverside eateries, food courts, teak houses and restaurants ranging from the mid to upscale establishments. Thai dishes are typically a blend of spiciness, sweet and sour to tingle the taste buds including seafood and meat dishes. Options are limitless when it comes to dining out in Bangkok!

A well-known fine dining establishment is Baan Khanitha, a walk down Sukhumvit Soi 23 from Skytrain Asok (E5). The restaurant offers excellent Thai food and the amount of chili is toned down for tourists (if you want it hot like the Thais like hot food then just ask and they'll spice it up). Particular favourites at Baan Khanitha include the pomelo salad (tam som om) and roast duck in red curry (kaeng daeng phet). Mains mostly range around 200 baht.

Outdoor dining in Bangkok by deror avi

Super Hip
Dine at Bed Supperclub, a walk down Sukhumvit Soi 11 from Skytrain Nana (E3). A super cool space of pure white where you will lie on futons and dine on a multi-course meal of international fare, complete with a weekly changing floor show. Very expensive by Bangkok standards and expect to pay around 1,500 baht per head with drinks. Reservations are a must as there is only one setting daily at 9 p.m. Feel free to stick around for an active nightlife most days of the week.

Take a taxi to the State Tower at the western edge of Silom Road, easily spotted thanks to its golden dome, and then ride the elevator to the 63rd floor for the Sirocco and Sky Bar, the world's tallest rooftop bar and restaurant with mind-boggling nighttime views of Bangkok below. Take note that there is a dress code i,e, no shorts or sandals.

Bangkok at night from the State Tower by Alter

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