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Day 1
From the city of Chiang Mai, head about 80 kilometers north to Chiang Dao, home to Chiang Dao mountain (3rd highest mountain in Thailand). Chiang Dao borders Myanmar and was once an opium trading point. Today it is popular with trekkers and those wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle of Chiang Mai without venturing too far. The main attraction is the Chiang Dao Cave located the base of the mountain, which is open to visitors to explore via a tunnel lit walk way.

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Chiang Mai by Bjørn Erik Pedersen
After Chiang Dao head to Doi Angkhang via Fang. Doi Angkhang is unknown to many foreign visitors but a popular destination for many Thai tourists. It is a wild and mountainous frontier, located at the edge of the Thai-Myanmar border. The general landscape comprises of a cluster of peaks and valleys, and home to hill tribes including the Palong, Lahu, Lisu and Hmong.

From the Thai military base camp situated on a ridge at the edge of the border, you can see over into Myanmar and the remote Shan state. With binoculars you can even see the waving Myanmar flag signaling the Myanmar military base on the other side.

Lisu village near Chiang Dao by Gunther Hagleitner

A key attraction here is the Royal Agricultural Project Centre with its beautifully manicured gardens hosting a array of colourful flowers. There are also greenhouses with cultivation of crops normally found in colder climates including strawberries, rhubarbs and persimmons. The gardens bears particular significance as a showcase for the success of the Thai King's initiative, which started 30 years ago to wean the hill tribes off from growing opium to more productive crops.

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in Doi Angkhang. There are several guesthouses and resorts here including Angkhang Villa and Ban Luang Resort.

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