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Day 2
The next morning after a night stay in Doi Angkhang, head to Thaton, a laid back town nestled between the Kok River and border of Myanmar. The main attraction here is Wat Thaton, a scenic hilltop temple offering splendid views of the Mae Kok River Valley below. This is another point from where you can see the Thai-Myanmar border mountain range. The hill is scattered with large Buddha images of different styles including Chinese, Thai and Myanmar. The town of Thaton is small and quiet, visibly less commercialised by tourism with just a handful of hotels and guesthouses. From Thaton it is possible to take a boat down the Kok River southwards to the city of Chiang Rai.

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Kok River in Northern Thailand by Oatz

On this tour, we continue north to the Chinese village of Mae Salong, also known as Santhiriki (an old Pali name meaning peace). Mae Salong is home to descendants of Kuomintang (KMT) soldiers who fled from China's communist rule in 1949. This village is predominantly Chinese and filled with Chinese restaurants and shops selling teas and wares. The terraced tea plantations which make Mae Salong so idyllic are where the renown oolong tea are cultivated

Town of Thaton by Argenberg

A must try in this town is Chinese Yunnanese cuisine. Staple dishes on practically all menus are mantou (steamed Chinese bread) and chicken black bone soup washed down by oolong tea. Spend the night in Mae Salong and guesthouses here include Mae Salong Little Home, Mae Salong Villa and Shin Shane Guesthouse.

View from Wat Thaton by Argenberg

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