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Day 3
After Mae Salong, head back towards the lowlands to Mae Sai, the most northerly point of Thailand. Along the way, stop at the Fish Cave Tham Pla. Besides the fishes, the main draw here are the monkeys scaling the cave and swinging from tree to tree. You can get close to the monkeys and feed them but beware they can get fierce if aggravated. A few kilometers north is Mae Sai, a bustling border town where you can cross the Friendship Bridge over to Myanmar and visit the town of Tachileck.

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Tham Pla in Mae Sai by Deror Avi
After Mae Sai, head back south on the main tourist track to the Golden Triangle, once an infamous opium trading point. The area forms the meeting point of three countries i.e. Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, which is probably where the name "Golden Triangle" comes from. Another possible reason for the name was during former times it was an infamous trading point for opium.

Thai-Myanmar border at Mae Sai by Tevaprapas Makklay

The Golden Triangle today is very much a tourist fare with large number of vans bringing in tourists eager to take photos. The opium museum here offers an interesting history and background about the area. After the Golden Triangle, head back to Chiang Mai via Chiang Saen, which was once an ancient capital of Thailand and boasts the famous Wat Rong Khun (White Temple).

Promenade along the Mekong in Chiang Saen by Jpatokal

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