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This itinerary for Northern Thailand gets off the main tourist trail allowing visitors to explore the more authentic parts of Chiang Rai province. In particular, Doi Angkhang is hardly frequented by foreign tourists but a major attraction for many Thai tourists who flock here during the winter. The tourist route taken by many commercial tour operators is the direct road north from Chiang Mai to the Golden Triangle and the Mae Sai border. This route passes through the more developed and urban parts of Chiang Rai province.

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Country side in Chiang Rai by Deror Avi

The suggested route in this tour intinerary combines tourist and non-tourist sites, heading to the west covering the rural and mountainous areas of Chiang Rai province before ending at the Mae Sai border and then heading south on the main tourist trail. Venturing into the countryside offers an opportunity to see various hill tribes such as the Lisu, Lahu, Palong and Akha in their traditional habitats including surroundings.

Due to the altitude of these mountainous areas, make sure you bring warm clothing especially if planning to come in during winter months i.e. from November to February, where temperatures can drop to single digits at night. If you suffer from car sickness, motion sickness tablets are highly recommended before the start of the journey.

An Akha village by Sputnikccp

Getting around is a bit complicated as this itinerary heads off the beaten tourist track. Public buses and mini-buses are available for the popular routes (e.g. from Chiang Mai to Thaton, Mae Salong and Mar Sai). Some of the off the beaten routes have no public transport at all, so you need to hire private transport (such as the route to Doi Angkhang). Due to the hairpin turns up the Doi Angkhang Mountain, hiring an experienced driver on these kind of roads is recommended. There are tour operators in Chiang Mai offering transport with guide for tours on off the beaten routes.

Travelling on the off beaten track by Deror Avi

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