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Yaowarat & Phahurat (Bangkok) Tour

Evening Tour
Head north from India Emporium on Chakphet Road and then east to Yaowarat Road for an evening in Yaowarat. What you saw of Yaowarat during the day was only a sleeping giant but at night the atmosphere changes as gigantic neon lights are turned on and restaurant spill into the streets. Yaowarat at night is a vibrant place with its restaurants, carts and markets that never seem to close.

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Once here in the evening you have to choose where you want to eat. Phadung Dao Road has Bangkok's best selection of Chinese restaurants, many specialising in expensive delicacies like shark's fin soup, bird's nest and fresh sea food (often still swimming in tanks near the entrance). T&K Seafood is hailed as the best barbecue seafood restaurant in the city, usually with a crowd of people standing in front of the entrance waiting to be seated. The restaurant looks cheap and basic by Western standards but has a great local atmosphere and its delicious barbecued prawns make up for it. You may want to take one of the air-conditioned seats upstairs after a long hike during the day in Yaowarat Phahurat. If you're looking for shark fin soup or bird's nest, you may want to try China Town Scala but is more expensive.

Yaowarat in the evening by Heiko S

If your budget is tight, try the street foods including food carts and street restaurants with simple meals going for about 50 baht per dish. Many of them line the streets in and around Yaowarat Road, Plaeng Nam Road and Phadung Dao Road. If you are here in a group, you are well off as most of the dishes are meant for sharing. Once done with a meal, you just get up and take a seat at the next vendor. The carts mostly specialise in Southern Chinese fare, including dim sum, Chaozhou-style steamed Chinese mullet and various noodle and rice dishes.

Street food in Yaowarat by Jacob Siverskog

An obvious alternative to Chinese food is having some of Bangkok's Indian cooking in Phahurat. From India Emporium, cross the road and walk south on Chakphet Road. After about 200 metres, you will see the Royal India Restaurant sign. This restaurant is well known for quality Indian food and expect to pay around 250 baht for a meal. The only downside is that other tourists seem to know about this restaurant as well.

When you're done with eating, you could call it a night and go back to your hotel. Alternatively you can flag a taxi and head to Pak Khlong Talat, a short ride that doesn't cost more than 50 baht. Pak Khlong Talat is a wholesale flower market catering to both locals and foreigners who want to surprise their loved one. The chaotic atmosphere as well as its vast size makes the market well worth the visit. Lights luminate the area and the flowers make it a colourful sight at night. There is also a night market under the Memorial Bridge that is opens from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. Merchandise are mostly accessories for teenager girls but it's still a fun walk. The stores use all kinds of colourful lights to catch the eye of potential customers.

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