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Yaowarat & Phahurat (Bangkok) Tour

Yaowarat is home to Bangkok's sizable Chinese community and is the city's Chinatown.
Phahurat is home to Bangkok's Indian community and referred as the city's Little India. The neighborhoods of Yaowarat and Phahurat are not on the list for most travellers, who generally head to the major temples, palaces, bazaars, shopping malls and go-go bars. What makes the Yaowarat and Phahurat and neighbourhoods different is their lack of big tourists attractions but definitely worth visiting.

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No "must-see" sites in these neighbourhoods, just a lot of sites you could see if you feel like it. Yaowarat and Phahurat are best experienced by watching and enjoying the general atmosphere. Just walk through the tiny alleys, browse through the markets and eat what the locals eat. Another piece of advice is that the route is not fixed. Skip any area or place you find uninteresting, have no time or just too far for your interest. As mentioned before, there are no must-sees here and so you will not miss anything special.

Bangkok's Chinatown by Hdamm

Bangkok is a hot city especially around midday, so never underestimate the heat. You will notice the heat in Yaowarat and Phahurat is worse than elsewhere in the city i.e. there are no air-conditioned shopping malls to cool you down, just large trafficked motorways, elevated smog levels and tiny alleys that start to heat up in the afternoon. Buy and drink enough fluids but don't carry huge bottles of water as there are plenty of markets and small stores including convenience stores selling cooled beverages.

ress for the climate and wear light clothes and comfortable shoes. Don't go overboard, pants and shirts must have long sleeves if you are visiting the temples and shrines. Best to start out early in the morning, as this tour will probably take the whole day. The route starts at the Si Phraya Pier, proceeds to Yaowarat, ventures through Phahurat and in the evening back to Yaowarat to see the blazing neon lights at work.
Bangkok's Little India by Melanochromis
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