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Chaweng Beach

Chaweng is the largest and most popular of Koh Samui's beaches and is the longest beach on the island's east coast. It is divided into three sections: North Chaweng, Central Chaweng and Chaweng Noi (Little Chaweng) around a headland to the south. The central part of the beach is a bit more crowded than the quieter north. Many vendors pass by, offering beverages, fruit, ice cream and local Thai food for the more daring. A variety of local crafts and Thai souvenirs are also available. Chaweng attracts many young travelers and families alike but still remains good value for money.
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Beach at Chaweng by Wipkinger

The beach at Chaweng is approximately 7 km long with powdery white sand. It is bordered by emerald-blue waters and a coral reef where waves break, leaving the bay quite peaceful. Not far from the beach, there are two small islands near the reef. After swimming, you can explore the nearest one by walking through the shallow water or go snorkeling and kayaking at the second island which is further out and larger. Chaweng is relaxing but noticeably more touristy during the high season. The water is clean with usual temperatures between 25-28°C. 

The beach itself is usually accessed through the hotels, as there are no beach roads to disturb the peacefulness of the area. Parallel to the beach, clustered in the middle of the strip, lies Samui's greatest concentration of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and of course, fast food and convenience stores. Almost all activities are on the beach (even parts of the nightlife) and most Samui dive shops are based in Chaweng. It's also the base to arrange trips to nearby Ko Tao and the Angthong National Marine Park.

The town in Chaweng by ThomasSD

There are lots of souvenir shops around town. It is not uncommon for the shopkeepers to ask 5 times the normal tourist price particularly in the central areas. Bargaining is always possible when it comes to souvenirs. The clothes sold here can often be found at Khao San Road in Bangkok for a lower price. On the beach, vendors will sell beach clothes, jewelry, beach toys and games, and food (coconuts, sliced fruit, satay, roasted corn, ice cream, water, etc.). Be prepared to bargain. The vendors will not bother you if you ignore them or say no.
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