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Lamai Beach

Lamai is a beach located on the east coast of Koh Samui. The southern third of the beach has the widest strip of sand, the best for swimming and has the most nearby eating and drinking and shopping options. To the north, the water doesn't get deep enough for swimming until you're quite some distance out. The further north you go, the narrower and quieter the beach becomes, eventually becoming rocky towards the headland. While development of Lamai Beach has made many places there expensive, cheap rooms still can be found just by walking (or driving) around the streets. 
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Lamai Beach by Richard Burford

Minibus transfers between Lamai and Samui Airport cost about 150 baht per person while a private taxi charter costs around 300-400 baht. A minibus from the ferry terminal to Lamai normally sets you back 60 baht but most tourists are asked (and do pay) 100 baht. Hire a taxi, car, jeep or motorbike and explore the surrounding areas of Lamai as there are plenty of interesting attractions to see. 

While development of Lamai Beach has made many places expensive, cheap rooms still can be found just by walking (or driving) around the streets. During peak season, accommodation is often full, though you may still be able to find a room. However, you'll just likely end up paying more. The basic rooms start from 150-300 baht and for 350-400 baht you can have a room with fan and even a fridge and TV in some places. On-line booking is often not available from the cheaper establishments.

 Street in Lamai by Toeffie

There are lots of souvenir shops lined up on the main street. It is not uncommon for shopkeepers to ask 5 times the normal tourist price - bargaining is always possible especially for souvenir items. Not far from McDonalds on a side street is a night market which opens from around 6 pm to midnight. There are numerous stalls selling all types of handicrafts, jewellery, art and gift items. Most vendors enjoy bartering with you and will accept a lower price than the initial price asked. Not the cheapest place to buy things in Thailand but the cheapest in Lamai.
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