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Other Beaches

Other beaches in Pattaya include Wong Amat Beach, Naklua Beach and Wong Phra Chan Beach. These beaches are not overcrowded and overdeveloped (or over commercialised) compared to Pattaya Beach and even Jomtien Beach. They are are also quieter, less commercialised and generally cleaner than Pattaya Beach - suitable for a quiet relaxation or family holiday.
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Pattaya's Wong Amat Beach by StarryVortex

Naklua Beach
Naklua Bay is immediately north of Pattaya Bay - the two bays separated by the Rachvate Cape. Naklua Beach is the main strip, located on the far north of Naklua Bay with the smaller Wong Phra Chan Beach and then Palm Beach further south. The beach is small and some areas still resemble a laid back Thai village with its narrow roads, local eateries, temples and old houses. However, this is gradually changing with new hotels, condos, shops and restaurants. Nevertheless, Naklua Beach is still a serene and intimate beach.

Wong Amat Beach
Wong Amat Beach occupies the northern end of Pattaya Bay but accessed from Naklua. The golden sandy beach stretches for about 3 km and is fairly narrow. Though there are several hotels and resorts, the beach is fairly clean and quiet. There are beach chairs and umbrellas but not much for water sports. The best part is the absence of annoying hawkers on the beach harassing vacationers with their products and services - they are conveniently housed in kiosks along the beach.

Highrise at Wong Amat Beach by MarioKlef

Wong Phra Chan Beach
Wong Phra Chan Beach literally means "Crescent Moon Beach" in English. This small tranquil beach is just 1 km long and located on the northern side of Pattaya Bay, which is a quieter area of the bay. The serene atmosphere here attracts vacationers longing for privacy, away from the crowded and touristy beaches in Pattaya. The main activity at
Wong Phra Chan Beach is just lazing, watching the sea or walking along the shore. Furthermore, there is an absence of harassing hawkers along the beach.

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