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Foreign currency can easily be exchanged for Thai baht at the many exchange booths found in all popular tourist areas. Note that the majority of exchange booths will buy foreign currency but will not sell it. If you need to obtain US dollars (for example if you're going to Cambodia), then use one of the larger branches of a major bank, such as the Bangkok Bank branch on Second Road (almost opposite Soi 6).

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ATMs are widely available around the city but the vast majority charge a steep 150 baht fee for using foreign cards, on top of what your home bank normally charges. Thus, you may only want to consider using ATMs if you are really short of cash or intend to take a large amount of Thai baht to minimise the (percentage) transaction cost. Better to use travellers' cheques instead, which banks charge about 1% of the total amount exchanged - a much cheaper option.

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The only exception are ATMs belonging to Aeon Bank, which does not charge such fees. Their ATMs in Pattaya are located:

  • Near Homework Furniture Mall entrance, just behind Big C on South Pattaya/Sukhumvit Road intersection (accessible by 10 baht songthaews parked near the Second Road intersection),
  • On the ground floor of Carrefour near KFC at Central Pattaya Road (around 400 metres up from the Second Road crossing), and
  • Tesco Lotus at South Pattaya Road and Tesco Lotus at North Pattaya Road on the ground floor.
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