Pattaya, Thailand



There are numerous shopping malls, modern supermarkets, bustling markets, street vendors and countless of shops in Pattaya. The main shopping streets here are Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road. However, shopping in Pattaya does not the reach the same excitement as in Bangkok or even Chiang Mai but you will not be deprived of shopping opportunities.

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With the exception of a few large shopping malls, Pattaya is not a major shopping destination on Thailand's tourist map. Maybe because there are plenty of other things to do besides shopping in Pattaya. Furthermore, it is just 150 km north to Bangkok for better shopping opportunities. Malls and shops in Pattaya are generally smaller and there is not much variety compared to Bangkok. If you are searching for hi-tech goods (such as cameras and computers), prices are not very competitive and may even cost more than in the West. Beware of buying fake branded and designer goods, since these could be confiscated by customs officers at the airport.

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Shopping in Pattaya usually begins late in the morning and closes late at night. Bargaining is common with many of the shops but prices are fixed at the shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets. There are also plenty of street stalls and many concentrated in the popular tourists areas. Street stalls are some of the best places to buy local handicrafts and a variety of souvenirs. The stalls are also known for selling cheap but pirated CDs, DVDs and video games as well as fake watches, sunglasses, clothes and accessories but there are no guarantees on their quality.

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