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Cinemas in Thailand tend to be severely air conditioned, so bring a long sleeve shirt, jacket or both! The large cinemas in Pattaya are mostly up to Western standards. Some (but not all) Thai-language films are subtitled in English, while some films will have both subtitled and non-subtitled showings. Visitors must stand up during when the Thai national anthem is played.

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Cinemas in the Pattaya area include:

  • Major Cineplex Pattaya, The Avenue (second road across from Soi 13) - The cinema has eight screening rooms and screens both Thai and English language films.
  • SF Cinema City, Central (Big-C) - This cinema has six screening rooms with ticket prices around 90 baht (slightly more on weekends. Shows Thai films with no English subtitles and Western films dubbed in Thai.
  • SFX Cinema, Pattaya Beach Road - Multiplex with 10 screening rooms located in the Central Pattaya Beach shopping mall. Regular ticket for 120 baht (100 baht on Wednesdays), sofa seat 500 and first class room for 600 baht.
  • EGV Sriracha, 90 Pacific 3rd Floor, Sukhumvit Road - Small cinema with only three screening rooms. Shows occasional English language films and others with English subtitles.
Island Trips
From Pattaya, there are several islands that can be reached by ferry or chartered boats for day trips.
  • Ko Laan - Located about 8 km from Pattaya, covering about 6 km square and with six popular beaches. Water sports available include para sailing, jet skiing and banana boat rides.
  • Ko Khrok - Located 2 km east of Ko Laan and is an isolated rocky islet with a single 100 metre stretch of sandy beach to the east, where visitors can see coral reefs.
  • Islands in the Ko Phai group include Ko Klung Badan, Ko Luam, Ko Man Wichai and Ko Rin. The islands are preferred destinations for scuba divers, snorkelling and fishing. 

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Two major festivals in Pattaya are Songkran and the Pattaya Festival.

  • Songkran (April 18-19) - Thai New Year celebrated by everyone throwing prodigious quantities of water at anything that moves. Expect to get wet regardless of where you are going or plan to do, especially in areas such as Soi 7 and Soi 8. It's worth keeping anything that could easily be damaged (e.g. cameras, mobile telephones, passports, etc) in plastic bags.
  • Pattaya Festival (mid-April) - The festival features floral floats, Miss Pattaya Beauty pageant, traditional aquatic sports competitions, fireworks display, fire crackers, arts and cultural performances, exhibitions and souvenirs for sale. Don't expect an "authentic" festival, basically a festival to promote Pattaya as a popular seaside destination for tourists.

Songkran in Pattaya by anaktaro

Pattaya has an abundance of massage shops and most common are Thai massage, foot massage, oil massage and reflexology massage.

  • Serenity Massage (across from LK Pavilion, South Pattaya Road and Third Road). Offers a clean, comfortable and quiet atmosphere inside. Massages include foot, Thai, oil, powder, salt body scrub, aromatherapy, four hands massage and more. Water, tea or coffee is available afterwards.
  • Spa View (at Mark-Land Hotel, Soi 1). One of the largest massage and spa complexes in Pattaya, offering a variety of treatments including aromatherapy oil massage, herbal steam sauna, foot massage, facial treatment, foot massage and nail care treatment to name a few.
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