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By Songthaew

Pattaya has no tuk-tuks and much of the local transport in Pattaya is undertaken by a flotilla of over 700 songthaews (pick-up trucks converted into public passenger vehicles). Also known as Baht Bus, the "bus" fare is 10 baht a person for trips within Pattaya. Having the exact change is by no means essential but does keep away the potential hassle - some drivers will shortchange you if you don't have the exact amount but most will return the correct change.

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Using the Songthaews
Avoid asking the destination when using a songthaew, as many drivers will charge plentiful of money beyond 10 baht. If you know the direction, just ride the songthaew without asking the driver for the destination - that way you will just pay 10 baht no matter how far you go. Flat fares only apply when
songthaews operate as a bus but not as a taxi or chartered vehicle. Beware of drivers of empty songthaews, especially one that's parked on the roadside, who might assume (or decide on your behalf) that you want to hire a songthaew as a taxi. In this case expect a much higher fare of 100 baht or more, depending on your negotiating skills.

Songthaews in Pattaya by Ilya Plekhanov

Routes sometimes vary and the only way to know for sure
is to ask (but don't let the driver mistake your asking as a charter request).

  • The busiest route is the beach circuit. The route travels from the junction of Second Road and South Pattaya Road, passing north along Second Road to the Dolphin Circle roundabout, then south along Beach Road, then briefly east along South Pattaya Road to complete the loop. Frequency is virtually non-stop and the waiting time is no more than a minute.
  • It's easy to catch songthaews along South Pattaya Road, Central Pattaya Road, and North Pattaya Road. In the case of the latter, there's often a songthaew waiting at the Dolphin Circle roundabout. There is also a free songthaew service to the Tesco-Lotus supermarket at North Pattaya Road.
  • To get to Jomtien, songthaews wait at the beginning of Pratamnak Road (continuation of Second Road, from the South Pattaya Road crossroads) and charge 10 baht.
  • To get to Naklua, take a songthaew up Second Road to the Dolphin Roundabout (10 baht). If the songthaew turns left or right at the roundabout (not going straight to Naklua), get off and cross to the north side of the roundabout and either walk or take a songthaew going north (10 baht).
White coloured songthaews ply Sukhumvit Road, going as far as Si Racha and Sattahip (20 baht). Full-size buses go as far as Trat and even Chiang Mai picking up passengers on Sukhumvit Road (at the South Pattaya Road, Central Pattaya Road, and North Pattaya Road junctions).

Crowded songthaew by Ilya Plekhanov

If you're overcharged by a songthaew driver, note the three digit vehicle number (top left corner of the windscreen, also stencilled on both sides and in the back) and report the problem to:

  • Pattaya City Manager - Tel: 03 8429216
  • Bus Cooperative - Tel: 03 8221271/8423554
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