Pattaya, Thailand

Getting Around


By Taxi
Metered taxis are common sights in and around Pattaya but few will accept a fare using the meter. The minimum fare for a foreigner is around 150 baht - even for a 1 km hop. Many taxis here are from Bangkok bringing passengers or vacationers to Pattaya. The taxi drivers will operate locally until a fare is available for a return trip to Bangkok.

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There are also car services and non-metered taxis that operate on an on-call basis, while minibuses can also be chartered. These services are suited primarily for longer trips outside the main city area or to another city and can be arranged through most travel agencies, hotels and guesthouses. Expect to pay considerably more than the cost of a chartered songthaew, usually in the order of a few hundred baht.

If you are going back to Bangkok, there is a cheap possibility of catching a taxi which has just came from there (with some passengers) and has to return. Since the driver isn’t going to get a passenger as soon as he leaves Pattaya, often he will be willing to take back a passenger for cheap which should cost not more than 800-1200 baht.

Metered taxi in Pattaya by Ilya Plekhanov

By Local Bus
There is a local bus service with scheduled stops along designated routes operating from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. The service comprises of three lines:

  • Green - Serving the main streets of Pattaya.
  • Red - Serving the main streets of Naklua.
  • Yellow - Serving the main streets of Jomtien.

All the three bus routes start and end their trips at the Big C supermarket. The one-way fare is 30 baht and one day (90 baht), 3 days (180 baht) and one-month (900 baht) passes are available.

Pattaya city skyline by StarryVortex

By Motorbike Taxi
The quickest way to get around Pattaya is by motorcycle (motosai). A moto-taxi is a less expensive option than a songthaew charter but arguably less safe. Roadside moto-taxi stands are scattered across the seaside resort and waiting drivers usually clap their hands or sometimes call out to attract the attention of potential passengers. Alternatively just flag down the next available one that cruises by, as the drivers are easily identified by their coloured vests. Some will carry two (or more!) passengers - although this is illegal. Foreigners can expect to pay around 30-40 baht for trips around the inner parts of town.

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