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The most hazardous aspect for most people visiting Pattaya is the traffic. Local drivers have a relaxed attitude toward safe driving and following traffic rules. While cars are no exception, most vehicle accidents in Pattaya involve motorbikes and are especially common late at night and in the early hours of the morning, when drunk driving is a significant problem.

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Be careful on the roads, even if you're just crossing on foot. Be careful both on and off the pedestrian crossings, as drivers generally ignore them. Be careful on the pavements too as motorcyclists often use footpaths as short cuts with impunity. When riding in the back of an empty songthaew, it's safest to sit directly behind the cab driver.

The top three accident black spots In Pattaya are:

  • Dolphin Roundabout at the intersection of Beach Road, Second Road, North Pattaya Road and Naklua Road;
  • Junction of Beach Road and Central Pattaya Road; and
  • Junction of Beach Road/Walking Street and South Pattaya Road.

In the event of an accident, the injured are usually bundled into the back of the next available songthaew, pickup truck or even onto the back of a motorbike.

Traffic in Pattaya by I..C..U

A completely different genre of traffic-related accident was highlighted by a fatality in January 2006, when a surfacing diver was hit by a speedboat propeller near Ko Laan. Unfortunately, the popularity of Pattaya's beaches combined with a relatively relaxed attitude to safety concerns in general means that swimmers and divers being struck by speedboats or jetskis are not rare occurrences.

Speedboats in Pattaya by clayirving

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