Pattaya, Thailand

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The national Thai police hotline number is 191. The main police station in Pattaya is on Beach Road (at the corner of Soi 9) and the station's phone number is 38 420-802. The Bang Lamung Police Station is located on Sukhumvit Highway and the phone number is 38 221-331.

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Pattaya's Tourist Police (dial 1155) is now located at Pratamnak Road, next door to the Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) Information Office - 1 km south of the junction of Second Road and South Pattaya Road. Alternatively, their mobile minivan office which sets up every evening at the junction of Walking Street, South Pattaya Road, and Beach Road is much easier to access.

The Tourist Police advises that (in theory at least) foreigners should carry with them their passports at all times. However, they also suggest that in practice a good photocopy (personal details page, visa and entry stamp pages and TM card) is acceptable.

Beach Road by Kimmam

Some of the common scams in Pattaya to be wary of are as follow:

  • Jet-skiing rentals are available along all the popular beaches with rates starting around 600 baht for 30 minutes. A common scam involves some operators attempting to collect surcharges for supposed damage. Call the Tourist Police (1155) if necessary.
  • Be careful when making small purchases with 1,000 baht notes, particularly in bars and nightlife venues. A common scam is that a waiter will give you back insufficient change, insisting that you paid with a 500 baht note. It's your word against the waiter's, so it is nearly impossible to prove that you paid with a 1,000 note. Therefore, avoid paying with large notes for small purchases.

Beach in Pattaya by dsin

The legal minimum age for customers in drinking establishments and discos is 20. This is rarely enforced on foreigners in Pattaya but frequently enforced on Thais including those accompanying foreigners. Pattaya police often conduct raids to check for underage employees and patrons (especially in discos and bars) and less frequently to enforce closing times. Foreign tourists are not the target of these raids and are usually asked to produce their ID (photocopy of ID or passport will normally suffice) and then allowed to leave. However, on the spot urine sampling test to check for drug use are sometimes conducted on both Thais and foreigners.

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