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Laem Sing Beach

Laem Sing (means Lion's Point in Thai) Beach is located just 1 km south from Surin Beach. The beach is situated in a small, curving bay with rocky headlands at the foot of forest-fringed cliffs. Look for signs indicating the path down towards the beach. Laem Sing is a small beach stretching for just 150 metres but one of the most beautiful in Phuket and faces west for a beautiful sunset. There is no accommodation available on Laem Sing Beach.
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Hire a taxi or tuk-tuk and most drivers will be familiar with the beach - if necessary, show them on your guidebook map. The taxi fare from Phuket Town is around 500 baht during the high season and remember to negotiate. You will be dropped off along the side of the road where there's a sign pointing to a trail heading into the forest. It is a short but steep walk down to the beach with occasional views through the foliage. Mind your step, the trail is rocky and can be quite slippery or muddy after a rain. 

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Although the beach is full of rental sun chairs, it is not as crowded (at least for the moment) as some of the more popular beaches along the Phuket's west coast. There are rentals for speed boat with water skiing or wakeboarding, some jet skis, glass bottom canoes, and adventure diving trips as well as snorkeling. Swim to the tip of the left barrier rocks and despite the rather murky waters, you can see a good variety of fish in the shallow water. Watch out for the rip current when swimming back.

There isn't much else to buy along Laem Sing Beach unless some hawkers come around. You can purchase food and drinks from one of the restaurants as well as basic souvenirs from the few shops along the beach. There are four small open air restaurants on the beach.  Try the prawns in green curry or sweet chili sauce. There is a selection of fresh seafood like lobster, king prawns, squid and various fish.

When leaving the beach, walk up the path the way you came and there should be a taxi or a tuk-tuk waiting by the road - if not, one should come by very soon. The fare to Phuket Town is around 500 baht during high season, so tuk-tuk should be negotiable towards something lower. If you arrive by taxi, you may want to arrange a pick-up with the same driver so you won't have to worry about getting your way back.

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