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Nai Thon & Nai Yang Beach

Nai Thon and Nai Yang are two adjacent quiet beaches in northern Phuket, located a five minutes away from Phuket International Airport. The atmosphere here is laid back, quiet and away from the crowds of tourists. There are a few hotels, guesthouses and restaurants in Nai Thon. However, further development to attract tourism here would change the quiet atmosphere of the area. 
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From the southern area of Nai Thon, there is a narrow road leading to the Sirinat National Park, an area of virgin jungles (including mangrove forest) in Phuket. The park covers an area of 90 square kilometres, occupying the western side of the island’s northern tip. The national park is headquartered in Nai Yang. A nature trail has been cleared for the convenience of visitors with signs indicating and explaining the various flora. Off-shore is a large coral reef which serves as habitat for several species of marine life including sea turtles.

Nai Thon Beach by Marc van der Chijs

Casuarina trees line the sandy beaches of Nai Thon and Nai Yang. The beaches are almost deserted during the low season but the hotels fill up during the peak season. The main activity here seems to be lazing under the sun and taking a dip into the sea. You can go snorkelling off the beach in Nai Yang from the life guard post in the park. For the adrenaline junkie, there are a number of shops offering kitesurfing (a form of wakeboarding). While you can get your way around on foot, bike rentals are available for around 200 baht a day.

Nai Yang Beach by happysnappa1966

There are small informal restaurants situated literally on the sand along Nai Thon Beach. Tables and chairs set up on the sand, range from plastic to solid wooden settings with tablecloth. However, appearances can be deceiving, as the tackier looking restaurants often dish up the best meals. The main course start at around 70 baht, offering excellent value for money but the service can sometimes be slow, and orders confused if made in English. The key is to sit back, smile and soak up the serenity - beach-front dining on pocket change doesn't get much better than this.

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