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You will definitely love Phuket if you love food, offering a variety of cuisine ranging from Western to Asian. Phuket also offers a variety of dining experience including the roadside stalls, noodle shops, shacks by the beach, local restaurants and fine dining at the five-star hotels. Food in Phuket is surprisingly cosmopolitan, especially in Patong, as many foreigners have set up shop to cater to their fellow travellers. The usual Thai favourites are still available, with emphasis on seafood.

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Local restaurant by the beach by Del Adams

Beyond Western and Thai foods, you will also find a smattering of establishments serving Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese restaurants. There are also the western fast food joints in Patong including McDonaldÂ’s, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and even Subway. For the Muslim vacationer, it is not difficult to find Halal food in Phuket especially in the Patong area with its sizable Thai Muslim community. There is a large mosque in Patong called the Patong Mosque) that you can use as a landmark to find several Muslim eateries nearby.

Phuket is situated in southern Thailand, which has its own style of preparation and cooking based on the availability of local ingredients. However, dishes here still maintain the fundamentals of Thai cuisine i.e. a balance of sour, sweet, salty and bitter. Popular Thai dishes include Nam Phrik Kung Siap, a mixture of dried chilis and smoked shrimps eaten with various fresh vegetables. Another is Khanom Jin, a version of noodles eaten at breakfast, usually served with spicy curry sauce and fresh vegetables.

Street food in Phuket by coolinsights

Foods here have been influenced by various Muslim communities living the region. An example are the Indian Muslims who migrated here several decades ago. A popular dish introduced by the Indian Muslims is "roti", a flat bread stuffed with chicken or beef and dipped in curry or thick gravy. Another are the Thai Malays who have lived in the region for centuries. A popular dish introduced by the Malays (some say Indonesians) is satay, barbecued chicken or beef served with peanut sauce. 
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