Phuket, Thailand

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By Taxi

You can find three types of taxis in Phuket. There seem to be millions (or so it seems) of small songthaew-style minivans (usually bright red and occasionally bright yellow) called tuk-tuks. Then there are the much smaller numbers of conventional sedan-style metered taxis (coloured yellow and red with a "Taxi" sign on top). The third are the indistinguishable vehicles that serve as unofficial taxis.
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Minivans converted into taxis are referred as tuk-tuks. Short distances are fine riding in a tuk-tuk but their small size makes riding one uncomfortable for long journeys, especially if you have long legs. 
Tuk-tuks have no meters, and many drivers are notoriously mercenary, so always agree a price beforehand and do bargain hard. Short hops around town shouldn't cost more than 40 baht but in the main resort areas it can be up to 100 baht. Travelling further, beyond the main beach areas can cost you up to 400 Baht. Good luck getting a tuk-tuk to take you from from Patong to Phuket Town for under 400 baht!

Tuk-tuk in Phuket by jpatokal

Taxis from the Airport
From Phuket International Airport, blue limousine taxis are available to take you to your destinations. It costs 
600-700 baht to Patong and 800 baht to Phuket Town. A cheaper option from the airport are the metered yellow taxis, located just outside the airport terminal. These taxis cost 600 baht upwards plus a 100 baht airport fee.

Arrival hall at Phuket Airport by yamagiwa2000

Metered Taxis
Metered car taxis are much better options than the tuk-tuks (when available), being safer and more comfortable. These taxis are air-conditioned and can be found in the main resort areas and in Phuket Town. Fares are similar to the tuk-tuks, charging 
50 baht for the first 2 km and 7 baht every kilometre but expect a flat rate for long distances. Metered taxis are often hard to find and during peak periods drivers will also ignore the meter and demand flat fares.

Taxis by the Beach
Finally, many beaches have little shacks with "TAXI" signs, sometimes unofficially supported by a hotel, offering quick transport at high prices. They are usually pricier than the tuk-tuks and regular taxis, with most fares exceeding 500 baht but are usually air-conditioned and more comfortable.
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