Phuket, Thailand

Interior Phuket

Besides Phuket Town, the interior of Phuket (also includes the eastern coast) is pretty much unvisited by foreign visitors. This fertile hilly expanse consists of mangrove forests, fishing villages, rubber and pineapple plantations, small Muslim communities and shrimp farms. The Phra Taew National Park is one of the last rainforest on the island and offers a nice escape from the tourist crowds.
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Phuket Town by Theslash

The main areas of the interior of Phuket include:

Bang Rong
A small Muslim fishing village situated in a mangrove forest near the 
Bang Pae Waterfall. Offers visitors an experience to see part of rural Thailand.

Ko Sire (Ko Si Le)
A small island connected to Phuket by a bridge. The island is known for its Sea Gypsey village, mangrove swamp and roaming monkeys.

Phuket Town
The administrative centre and economic hub of Phuket. Though not on the tourist map, the town offers plenty of shopping and dining opportunities. > More

Phra Taew National Park
The only significant area of rainforest in Phuket. Offers several forest trails, the scenic Nam Tok Ton Sai waterfall and various species of wildlife.

Phra Taew National Park by almost marvelous

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